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Alarma contra incendios

Bollardos y system puncha tires

Our bollard systems are used to control, limit or prevent the transit of vehicles and in this way guarantee traffic safety for pedestrians, they help to guarantee the protection of spaces such as: parks, shopping centers, pedestrian streets, banks, among many others. . We also have flat tire barriers that are ideal for parking lots, schools, auto dealerships, government agencies, or anywhere a higher degree of traffic control is preferred.

These are some of the devices that can be integrated into a project:

  • Fixed bollards
  • Pneumatic bollards
  • Hydraulic bollards
  • Retractable bollards
  • Flat tire stop
  • Punch underground tires
Poncha llantas
Borlados hidráhulicos
Borlados neumáticos
Borlados retráctiles

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