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Dynacontrols ®

Connectivity, Security and Automation

Our Profile

We are an avant-garde company integrated by a group of engineers specialized in designing, developing and implementing solutions in connectivity, security and automation with cutting-edge technology, we have the energy, strength and talent to transform and improve the way we live through of Smart City, (smart cities) integrated by buildings, subdivisions, squares, smart parks thus creating safer and more functional environments.

The security and control sector has had an exponential annual growth of between 20% and 30% and there is no glimpse of a fall in the curve, since crime rates mean that new systems and protocols have to be adopted to maintain security of people and their assets.

Our mission is to design and integrate solutions that help our clients to make spaces safer and more self-sustainable.

Be part of this revolution and join our investment program.

  • Flexible investment fund from $ 500.
  • Profitability of up to 25% per year.
  • Minimum investment period 18 months.
Fondo de inversión

We are a multidisciplinary, professional, high-performance team with more than 10 years of experience.


We develop customized technological solutions, which allows us to control the quality and its functionality in our projects.


We adapt based on global technological trends, to offer innovative and safe solutions.

Cost effectiveness

Our investment programs generate an ROI of up to 25% per year +/- we are in a high demand market that is constantly expanding.


According to experts, the automation, security and connectivity market is one of the most stable in the country, where there is still a lot of work to be done.

Learn about our investment program

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