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At HTS Development Group, S.A. de C.V. hereinafter Dynacontrols ® with address at Isabel La Católica 1070 Altos, Fracc. Reforma, Veracruz, See; We inform you that the personal information of all our clients is treated strictly confidential, so that they can feel fully confident that when acquiring our goods and / or services, we make a permanent effort to safeguard and protect it.


For the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice, Dynacontrols ® may collect your personal data in different ways: when you provide it to us directly; when you visit our website www.dynacontrols.com.mx or use our online services, when we assist you by phone and when we obtain information through other sources that are permitted by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by the Individuals (The Law) and its Regulations.


Dynacontrols ® may collect the following personal data and those that are necessary and applicable to comply with the purposes of this Privacy Notice, depending on the relationship that exists with you:

    to. Personal data that we collect directly: Name and surname, Date of Birth, Position within the Business, Business Phone, Residence Phone, Radio ID, Cell Phone, Email, Business Name, Business Line or Activity, Full Address, Municipality, City, Zip Code and State .

    b. Personal data that we collect when you visit our website or use our online services: Name and surname, Date of Birth, Position within the Business, Business Phone, Residence Phone, Radio ID, Cell Phone, Email, Business Name, Business Line or Activity, Full Address, Municipality, City, Zip Code and State .

    c. Personal data that we collect by telephone: Name and surname, Date of Birth, Position within the Business, Business Phone, Residence Phone, Radio ID, Cell Phone, Email, Business Name, Business Line or Activity, Full Address, Municipality, City, Zip Code and State .

Your image may be recorded for quality service purposes and as a security measure; Likewise, your voice may be recorded for the purpose of monitoring the quality of our service.


We inform you that in order to fulfill the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice, your financial and / or patrimonial data will be collected and processed, which are essential for the purposes that originate and are necessary for the legal relationship with Dynacontrols ®, committing ourselves that They will be treated under the strictest security measures that guarantee their confidentiality.

Your personal data will be treated based on the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility in terms of the Legislation.

The personal or business data provided by the user will be part of a file that will contain their profile. The user can modify their profile at any time using their username and password


More than a policy, at Dynacontrols ® we have the philosophy of maintaining a close and active relationship with our clients. In terms of what is established by the Law and its Regulations, the data you provide us will be used for the following purposes:

to. Necessary for the legal relationship with the person in charge:

I.- Assignment of Commissions and General and / or particular Promotions.

II.- Grant you all kinds of services and products for the maintenance of your portals.

III.- Carry out the various procedures to carry out the procedures with the competent suppliers, in order to register the services and / or products contracted with Dynacontrols ®.

IV.- Fulfillment of the obligations regarding guarantees in application of balances and general and / or individual commissions.

V.- Maintain information on security campaigns imposed on the Servers that keep the Data generated by Dynacontrols ®.

VI.- For the processing and / or formalization of the relationship established between Dynacontrols ® and the client, and the acquisition of balances and general and / or particular commissions.

VII.- Comply with all the complementary and / or auxiliary activities necessary for the correct commercialization of the services and products contracted with Dynacontrols ®.

VIII.- Process requests, collection activities, billing and clarifications.

IX.- Comply with the laws, regulations and other applicable legal provisions.

X.- Follow up on our commercial relationship and request the evaluation and follow-up of the service.

XI.- Keep our records updated in order to respond to your queries.

b. Not necessary for the legal relationship with the person in charge:

1.- Carry out marketing and promotion activities in general, diverse to the service provided by Dynacontrols ®.

2.- Carry out internal studies on consumption habits and any other promotional or question related to the products and / or services offered by Dynacontrols ®.

3.- Make our promotions and launches known to you.

It is important to mention that the purposes (i), (ii), (iii) (iv), (v), (vi), (vii), (viii), (ix), (x) and (xi) give rise and they are necessary to maintain the legal relationship with our client. On the contrary, the purposes (1), (2) and (3) are not necessary to maintain our legal relationship, but they are important to continue offering our products and services for the benefit of our clients for the purposes of marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting. ; Therefore, you have the right to oppose, or to revoke your consent for Dynacontrols ® to stop processing your personal data for these purposes, according to the procedure for your registration in the Exclusion Lists indicated in section V of this Notice of Privacy.


informs you that if you wish to stop receiving marketing, advertising or commercial prospecting messages, you can enforce it through the ARCO Rights Request form, through the exercise of the right of opposition in accordance with the mechanism established by Dynacontrols ® in section VI of this Privacy Notice, by sending an email to protecciondedatos@dynacontrols.com.mx to our Hospitality Management, or, by registering to the Exclusion Lists that are available in the Hospitality Management of Dynacontrols ®.


All your personal data are treated in accordance with the applicable and current legislation in the country, therefore we inform you that you have at all times the right to Access, Rectify, Cancel or Oppose the treatment that we give to your personal data, as well as Revoke the consent granted for the treatment of the same; Rights that you can enforce through the Hospitality Management, people that Dynacontrols ® has designated for this purpose, or by sending an email to protecciondedatos@dynacontrols.com.mx, so that the Rights Request Form may be provided. ARCO, which must be submitted, with a copy of their official identification to prove their ownership, directly at the Dynacontrols ® facilities with the persons designated for the attention of ARCO Rights. Through these channels you can Access, Rectify, Cancel, Oppose or, where appropriate, Revoke the consent for the processing of your personal data; The response to your request for ARCO Rights and / or Revocation of consent in all cases will be sent to you within a maximum period of 20 (twenty) business days and we will inform you about the origin of the same to the email indicated in the format application for the exercise of these rights. Likewise, you are informed that the right of access will be considered fulfilled when the corresponding response is sent through the email that you have indicated to us for this purpose.

The exercise of ARCO Rights will be exercised by the holder free of charge, the holder having to cover, where appropriate, the costs of shipping, reproduction and / or certification of documents; However, if said request is repeated by the same ARCO Law, in a period not exceeding 12 months, it will have a cost that will not exceed 3 days of the general minimum wage in force in the Federal District.


Transfers without consent:

You are informed that in order to comply with the purposes established in subsection (a), section IV of this Privacy Notice, your personal data may be transferred and processed within and outside the United Mexican States by persons other than Dynacontrols ® . In this sense and based on the Law and its Regulations, your personal data may be transferred without the need for your consent to: (i) Third party service providers, solely and exclusively for the fulfillment of the provision of the service contracted with the client; (ii) Third party service providers for the investigation and approval, where appropriate, of the corresponding credit for the fulfillment of the purposes established in section (a); (iii) To HTS Development Group, S.A. de C.V., in the case of compliance with guarantees and security campaigns; (iv) To financial, banking and credit institutions, to request the granting of credits for the service contracted by the client; (v) To insurers for the granting of insurance policies for the service contracted by the client.

Consent transfers:

Dynacontrols ® may transfer your personal data to other companies of the Business Group for the purposes described in subsection (b), section IV of this Privacy Notice and services with which we have a commercial and / or business relationship for the purpose of grant you benefits when acquiring our goods and / or products. If you do not express your opposition for your personal data to be transferred to said third parties, it will be understood that you have given your consent to do so.


Dynacontrols ® informs you that it does not use "cookies and web beacons" to automatically obtain information from you. The personal data that we collect electronically, as well as the purposes of the treatment are established in this Privacy Notice.


This Privacy Notice may be modified from time to time by Dynacontrols ®, such modifications will be promptly informed through the following means:

1. Our website www.dynacontrols.com.mx, (Privacy Notice section).

2. Visible notices at our Dynacontrols ® facilities; or

3. Any other means of oral, printed or electronic communication that Dynacontrols ® determines for this purpose.


Dynacontrols ®, will implement the necessary tools for the protection of user information. The information is secured by a personal identification number, which only the user can access.

Once the data is received, we will do everything possible to safeguard its security in our systems.


This Privacy Statement is subject to the terms and conditions of the Dynacontrols ® website described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and Dynacontrols ®.

If the user uses the services on any of the Dynacontrols ® sites, it means that they have read, understood and agreed to the terms set forth above.


If the user considers that her rights regarding the protection of personal data have been violated, she has the right to go to the corresponding authority to defend the exercise of it. The authority is the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), its website is: ifai.org.mx .

Date of last update April 7, 2020.