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Alarma contra incendios

Intruder Alarms

For companies and businesses the protection of people, personal property and real estate is of vital importance. Alarm systems help to optimize the security of your facilities, through prevention, timely detection, evaluation and rapid response to risky situations.

We have a wide range of devices that allow us to create projects as simple or complex as required.

These are some of the devices that can be integrated into a project:

  • Smart alarm systems with Wifi, GSM and PSTN
  • Magnetic sensors for doors and windows
  • PIR motion sensors
  • Infrared Barriers
  • Earthquake and impact detectors
  • Fog Triggers
  • Seismic alarms with evacuation audio system
  • Electric fences
  • Infrared barriers to delimit isolated areas
Alarma de intrusión
Sensor de Movimiento
Detector de rayo fotoeléctrico
Generador de niebla
Sirena de alarma de Intrusión

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