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Control de acceso Biométrico

Turnstile and pedestrian access control.

The turnstile system is ideal for access control in high-traffic areas, places where you want to regulate the entrance and exit pedestrian flow. These are highly reliable electromechanical mechanisms, built to be subjected to the harshest conditions of use and wear.

On the other hand, pedestrian access control systems are the solution to have control of all personnel who travel in a public or private space, ensuring the passage of authorized people and restricting the entry of people who are not. These systems can be implemented to control from a door, to more complex solutions with multiple devices integrated to different electromechanical systems.

These are some of the devices that can be integrated into a project:

  • Bidirectional steel turnstiles
  • Bidirectional revolving doors
  • Proximity access control
  • Facial recognition readers
  • Digital reader with password
  • Doors and motorized walkways
  • Smart proximity locks
  • Biometric Smart Locks
  • Bluetooth Smart Locks and password
Torniquete automático bidireccional
Torniquete de cuerpo completo
Terminal de control de acceso con reconocimiento facial
Terminal de control de acceso con reconocimiento de huerra y teclado númerico
Cerradura inteligente con reconocimiento de huella
Cerradura inteligente bluetooth

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