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Join our work team

At Dynacontrols we are aware that human talent is a key element in consolidating the goals of our organization, therefore we are constantly looking for people who are passionate about their profession, who share our vision, our values and our organizational culture. If you feel identified, please postulate for any of the vacancies that we show below:

Ingeniero en electrónica
Electronics Engineer
Prototype Developer

Design of electronic devices and sensors, know how to use labview, proteus, solidworks, some programming language such as C ++, Python and intermediate experience.


  • Schooling: Electronics Engineer.
  • Experience level: intermediate.
  • Age: 25 - 40 years.
  • Language: English reading.
  • Know how to use: oscilloscope and multimeter.

Técnico eléctrico
Electrical Technician
Infrastructure Installer

The functions to be carried out are: lifting and design of infrastructure for facilities (pipes, gutters, supports), installation of wiring and installation of equipment (electric fences, solar panels, among others).


  • Schooling: technical career in electricity, electronics or late.
  • Experience level: basic - intermediate.
  • Age: 20 - 30 years.
  • Know how to drive a standard vehicle.
  • Know how to use tools (drills, multimeters, etc.).